Modernist Australia

In the early days of real estate websites (around 2007) the author of this book began to blog about the magic of Australian Mid-Century homes on a small website called Modernist This digital outlet served to articulate and amplify her dismay over a constant parade of beautiful and unique buildings that were being put on the market for mere land value and often summarily demolished shortly thereafter. She began to highlight the architectural principals, pedigrees, lost craftsmanship, gardens and now rare materials manifest in these homes, through a lens of retention and salvation.

Over the years Modernist Australia website has evolved to become a domestic architecture archive, showcasing decades of MCM homes, some saved, many lost or reconfigured. The archives at present, though showcasing 100s of homes, is still being added to historically. The commentary accompanying these 'listings' ventures into all manner of cultural culs-de-sac, sometimes caustic, but always appreciative of the design origins of these residences and their place in our suburbs and psyche.

Modernist Australia is also online on a popular Instagram page, which presently holds the most up-to-date discourse and listings.

Take a look for yourself.